As Smart Pharma team, we develop and produce products for people to live healthier.



With its professional and experienced team, Smart Pharma is a company that adopts a young and innovative perspective and produces dietary supplements. In our production facility conforming to standards determined by the ministry, we continuously improve our production line by following technological developments. Smart Pharma that registered FDA provides its brand-holder business partners reliable and ideal production conditions by holding ISO 9001, ISO 22000, GMP, HELAL certificates obtained from accredited companies.

  • Our Vision

    We have a forward-looking perspective driven by the desire to help our collaborating customers reach their potential. We aim to create high added value in our market by constantly improving production processes with an innovative approach.

  • Our Mision

    Smart Pharma strives to manufacture using the best active ingredients to help retailers and premium brands get the best product for their customers. While contributing to society and the industry, we adopt a culture based on accountability.

  • Our Values

    We endeavor to supply our products to local and global consumers by complying with international production principles and by producing high standard products. We accept respect and appreciation to our employees as our fundamental values and care for each employee.

  • Our Quality Policy

    To produce innovative, healthy, high quality and hygienic products that increase the quality of life of our customers,
    To continuously increase the efficiency of the business by following the technological developments,
    To produce products in accordance with the relevant current legislation, communiqué and / or laws, Quality, Halal Food and Food Safety Standards and health rules in all processes,
    Fulfilling all kinds of requirements in order to ensure the continuous improvement and development of the Quality and Food Safety Management System and to increase its effectiveness,
    Our employees; To raise awareness about the requirements of the Quality and Food Safety Management System through trainings and to encourage them to contribute to the development of the system with this awareness,
    In order to be a leader in its sector, it fully meets customer expectations.

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Smart Pharma is a company where high-qualified, creative, and courageous employees make a great contribution to the business results. Under this perspective, we pay attention to our personnel's training and development to reach sustainable results.